Heavy Duty Chrome Floor Fan with 3 Speeds - Adjustable Fan Head and Powerful Circulation

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Keplin Chrome Floor Fan: Powerful 120W motor, durable for various settings, customisable airflow with 3 speeds, safety compliant with EN60335-2 and CE standards.

Size: 12inch


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Keplin Floor Fan

Keplin Chrome Floor Fan: Unleash Cool Comfort with Power and Style

Superior Cooling Performance

Fueled by a robust 120W motor and offering three customisable speeds, it swiftly transforms any space into a cool oasis, providing efficient relief during warm days.

Non-Slip Base

Whether placed on hardwood floors, tiles, or carpets, the fan stays securely in place, delivering reliable cooling without the risk of unwanted movement.

Extra Long Cable

The Keplin Chrome Floor Fan comes with an extra-long cable, offering enhanced flexibility in placement. The extended cord allows you to position the fan exactly where you need it.


Unleash Refreshing Comfort with Our Premium Chrome Floor Fan

Embrace a world of cool serenity as our premium chrome floor fan redefines comfort with powerful airflow and stylish design


Discover the Power-Packed Specifications of Our Keplin Floor Fan

Elevate Comfort in Every Setting - Unveiling the Advanced Features of Our Premium Floor Fan



Adjustable Head


No. of Speed Settings



Long Cable


Powerful Motor



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