Premium Dehumidifier 12L - Washable Filter, 24-hour timer, Sleep Mode & Child Lock

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Keplin's 12L Dehumidifier ensures comfort with a sleek design, powerful 12-litre daily performance, and a 24-hour timer. Efficient and ideal for a healthy indoor environment.

Keplin Dehumidifier

Efficient Moisture Control for a Healthier Home or Office

Normal Mode

Engineered for flexibility, this portable appliance empowers you to effortlessly navigate your living space, delivering targeted moisture control exactly where it's needed. Whether you're optimising air quality in different rooms or addressing specific humidity concerns, our Dehumidifier offers unparalleled versatility.

Extra Quiet

Indulge in tranquility with our Dehumidifier's Extra Quiet Mode. Designed for moments of peace and serenity, this feature ensures minimal noise disruption while maintaining optimal moisture control. Whether you're working, sleeping, or simply seeking a quiet atmosphere, our Extra Quiet Mode allows you to enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed environment.

Sleep Mode

Unwind with our Dehumidifier's Sleep Mode. Crafted for a restful night's sleep, this feature creates a serene environment by minimising noise levels and optimising performance for nighttime operation. Enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed rest as the Dehumidifier works discreetly to maintain ideal humidity levels.


Silent Comfort: The Ultimate Dehumidifier

Experience tranquility with our advanced Dehumidifier, combining whisper-quiet operation with efficient moisture control. Elevate your living space for a healthier and more comfortable environment

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Innovative Features for Elevated Living

Discover the Pinnacle of Convenience and Performance with Our Advanced Appliance Features








Water Tank

24 Hour



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